Crypto: Almost half of millennials are comfortable investing in cryptocurrencies: Bankrate


Almost half of Millennials feel comfortable with investing in cryptocurrencies, a recent study shows.

That’s compared with 37% of Generation X and 22% of baby boomers, according to a survey by Bankrate published on Monday.

The findings are in line with previous studies that shows Millennials present higher interest than other age groups in owning cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey, 15% of Millennials feel very comfortable investing in crypto, compared with 9% among all American adults. Furthermore, 34% of Millennials are somewhat comfortable investing in digital assets, compared with 26% among all American adults.

On the flip side, 30% and 19% of Millennials are “not too comfortable” and “not at all comfortable” with cryptocurrencies, respectively, compared with 28% and 33% among all Americans, according to the study.

All Millennials participating in study, which took place from May 25 to 30, indicated they’d heard of cryptocurrencies, while 4% of American adults surveyed have never heard of cryptocurrencies.


is recently trading at $61,593, up 1.6% over the past 24 hours. Ether

is trading at $4,353, up 3.2% over the past 24 hours.

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