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ETF investors flock to TIPS. Are they ‘late to the party’?

Investors poured capital into U.S. exchange-traded funds in October, based on a report this week from State Street Global Advisors and a conversation with the firm’s head of SPDR Americas Research, Matthew Bartolini. Read More

Why gold has climbed in the wake of the Fed’s decision, but still trades lower for the year

After climbing to record highs more than a year ago, gold is poised to post its first yearly loss since 2018 as it struggles to hold ground above $1,800 an ounce. But the precious metal’s prices may have room to rise before the year is done. Read More

Wall Street will tell you that stocks shine in November but here’s the unvarnished truth

November typically is good for stock investors but isn’t the best month of the year. Read More

Russell 2000’s breakout is significant for stock-market bulls

S&P 500 index keeps setting new highs. Read More

A bargain you can’t ignore: Small-cap stocks are trading at their second-biggest discount in 20 years

Small-caps as a group appear set for a much better 2022 than large-cap equities. Read More

Berkshire Hathaway’s fate after Buffett will be up to its board members. Are they up to the task?

The Berkshire board’s most important job is to continue to cultivate high-quality shareholders, educate others, and defend the company’s business philosophy. Read More

Why a Fed rate hike could be just the medicine stocks need to keep this bull market going

The stock market reacts in unusual ways to hikes in the Fed funds rate. Read More

Put these 10 stocks on your radar because they may rebound from recent tax-loss selling

Professional investors tend to dump some of their losers by the end of October, creating greater value in some stocks. Read More

Three generations haven’t traded through an inflationary cycle. Here are the stocks this seasoned fund manager recommends.

 Investors are entering a new and largely unfamiliar era of investing that begs for a diversified approach. Read more.

Higher inflation will push Americans back to work and cool speculative markets

Rising prices, wage increases and self-interest will normalize the post-pandemic U.S. economy. Read More

31 stocks have hit a trifecta so far this earnings season

Companies including Tesla, AMD and Pool Corp. have increased sales, improved profit margins and built enough enthusiasm for analysts to have raised their 2022 sales estimates significantly. Read More

These are the four solar stocks to own for the long run

Enphase Energy and Sunnova Energy are among solar companies expected to grow sales at high double-digit rates through 2025. They are favored by Andrew Wetzel of F.L.Putnam Investment Management Co. Read More

This new fund gives an ESG flavor to the tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 — and beats the index

Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia have bigger weightings in this new index while Tesla and Facebook aren’t among the 10 largest holdings. Read More

‘I promised myself I’d never be that broke again.’ This financial adviser’s family inherited $1.4 million and quickly lost it all.

After being poor, rich — then poor again — she now helps people avoid costly money mistakes. Read More

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