Personal Finance Daily: Mortgage rates hit 6.29%, Freddie Mac says and rents fell in August for the first time since November 2021


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Rents fell in August for the first time since November 2021, but tenants are still struggling. Here’s why.

Rents dropped from July to August, and annual growth appears to be slowing. Read More

How much should I tip my housekeeper? My husband says that we should tip the bare minimum. I say 30%. Who’s right?

‘I feel like we should tip people 30% for the trouble of coming into our home.’
Read More

‘The housing market may have to go through a correction’: Mortgage rates hit 6.29%, Freddie Mac says

The 30-year mortgage rate is averaging at 6.29%, Freddie Mac said in its latest weekly survey on Thursday. Read More

Looking to unplug? Here are 12 peaceful towns great for going off the grid.

Feeling the need for a digital detox? These towns provide the perfect backdrop to get some much needed peace and quiet. Read More

When is a hotel better than an Airbnb?

In some cases, Airbnb rentals are still a good deal compared to hotels. Other times, they’re far from it. Here’s some data that shows when it’s more cost effective. Read More

CD rates are higher, but should you put your cash in them? Consider your goals.

Some CDs have returns upward of 3% right now, but like any bank account, they don’t work for every financial situation. Let’s see if CDs make sense for you. Read More

‘This is a real benefit’: IRS has good news if you filed your taxes late during the pandemic —but you need to act before this deadline

The IRS is automatically reimbursing some taxpayers who already paid the ‘failure to file’ penalty. Read More

Brace yourself: The Fed will inflict ‘some pain’ with its 75-basis-point rate hike. Here’s how to protect your wallet and your portfolio.

This marks the Federal Reserve’s third 75-basis-point rate hike this year. Read More

Key Words: Al Gore: The next 8 years will be crucial to solving our climate problems. Here are the positive signs he sees.

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