Personal Finance Daily: Tesla buyers take out the longest auto loans, and how to pay taxes on an IRA withdrawal


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Tesla buyers take out the longest auto loans

Only one car manufacturer had an average loan term less than 60 months, a new survey says. Read More

How to pay taxes on an IRA withdrawal — and the right way to report them to the IRS

What does ‘taxable’ really mean when it comes to IRA withdrawals, and how do you report them properly to the IRS? Read More

Frequent discrimination increases risk for mental-health problems in young adults — here’s where they most experience prejudice

Those who experienced discrimination often were 25% more likely to have mental illness and twice as likely to develop severe psychological distress. Read More

‘Households with a member suffering from depression exhibit striking differences in shopping behavior’

A new paper documents the relationship between self-reported mental-health issues and the size and composition of shopping baskets. Read More

We’re going back to the office but workers won’t stay long unless the boss learns this No. 1 skill

Employees want their concerns to be heard but too many managers aren’t listening. Why? Read More

‘I use credit cards for everything’: I’m 36, earn $62,000 and have $290,000 in retirement savings. My wife is a stay-at-home mom. Are we doing OK?

‘Should I put her money in a 529 college plan or keep it rolling over in a CD?’ Read More

Should you monitor your teen’s driving? Here are some safety features and apps that can help

What could go wrong with your teen behind the wheel? Everything. But parents aren’t as helpless as you may think. Here’s the lowdown on the current tech. Read More

6 gift ideas not affected by the supply chain

There are still a handful of categories that are easy to buy, which means you can still shop, wrap and give presents without worrying about the supply chain. Read More

6 smart shopping tips for Black Friday 2021

Whether online or in store, these Black Friday shopping tips will help you navigate this year’s uncertainties, and keep your budget in check. Read More

This is where GM wants to install 40,000 new EV chargers

The company will invest in electric-car-charging infrastructure by installing Level 2 chargers in areas across the U.S. and Canada where they are most lacking. Read More

The Wall Street Journal: McDonald’s CEO apologizes for texts to Chicago mayor in which critics say he blamed shooting victims’ families

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